Why Zigler

Why Zigler

Zigler Financial Group is a boutique Wealth Management firm located in Manhattan, NYC. Zigler coordinates the financial affairs of a limited number of clients by implementing a consultative Wealth Management process.We are a fee based company, specializing in long-term investment strategy and dynamic portfolio design. We only take new clients when we have determined that we can add substantial value to those clients’ financial situations.

Using passive low cost strategies for investments, and a hands-on approach, Zigler Financial Group, wealth management strategies has a tremendous impact for our clients. This consultative process identifies the specific challenges that a client faces in reaching their financial goals, and enables us to build an investment plan designed to help overcome those issues.

Managing your money can feel complicated at times, that’s why, as a Zigler client you can count on our team to help you with all your financial needs. Whether it’s diversifying your portfolio or with international banking services.

Please note that not all of our products and services are available on all jurisdiction and some are available on a limited basis only due to local regulatory and legal requirements.

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