Mostly your business runs perfectly: your employees do their jobs, your customers buy from you, and you stay ahead of the competition. But every once in a while, something changes just enough so that the things you’ve always done are no longer working. Employees become less productive, sales decrease and your competitors cut their prices in order to attract your customers. How do you regain clarity, focus and direction when you feel like you’re no longer in control?

Or perhaps things are going well. Your company is growing quickly, and with that growth come challenges. You are faced with choices and opportunities. Do you expand into a new market? Expand your product offering? Form a strategic alliance? These are the decisions that will determine the long-term success of your firm. How do you make sure the path you’re about to take is the right one? It’s time to find a partner that will help you take charge of your company’s future.

Products & Services

We will conduct all the activities of the brokerage business under Articles 27 and following of the Securities Act and in Article 3 (Activities and Services) of Rule No. 2-2004, which include activities compatible with the objects of a brokerage […]

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Risk Tolerance

In order to implement effective risk management, on an individual client basis, Zigler takes into consideration for thorough analysis factors such as age, net worth, financial goals, current financial situation, investment experience, time horizon and risk personality. Based on […]

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Why Zigler

Managing your money can feel complicated at times, that’s why as a Zigler client, you can call on our team to help you with your banking and investment needs. They’ll help you plan and achieve your financial goals whatever[…]

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Financial Planning

Zigler’s financial advisors apply fundamentally sound investment principles utilizing industry benchmarks and provide meticulous financial planning tailored to achieve an individual client’s financial goals. Building a client […]

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Wealth Management

Within a carefully selected financial plan, we will assist you in assembling a balanced equity portfolio ? structured for solid returns and long term growth. We will provide you with research to enable you to make your important investment decisions.[…]

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Financial Evaluation

We continuously evaluate and monitor investments for suitability for our clients. Our aim is to maintain carefully constructed wealth management to deliver in accordance with your investment strategy.[…]

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